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Gadgets and Needs
Most consumers own several gadgets that have features that perform the same function. This is because consumer gadgets are designed to blend in with the needs that consumers have and are marketed solely on one feature and the other features tend to blend into the background. A cellular telephone will include features such as calculator and calendars, but since these consumer gadgets are sold individually, there is little talk about duplicated features in any magazines. Find more info on sell my mobile here.

Consumer gadgets like personal digital assistants are designed to perform tasks that are identical to tasks performed by larger devices but are used more because they are portable and can be enjoyed in many settings where the larger device will seem inconvenient. Many people will own personal computers and use the connectivity devices to download music to the handheld consumer gadgets such as MP3 players and PDA's, but they will enjoy the storage space found on the computer and store musical files until they are needed.

Big and Small
A person has the option of installing global positioning devices into the dash of their automobile or using these consumer gadgets from portable devices such as PDA's. Some computer software programs will serve the same purpose and a person will find that they can use the internet search engines to find websites that will perform exact distance calculations from one place to another. All of these consumer gadgets will perform the same task but consumers are given a choice in which one they want to use and most users will consider the cost of using each method.